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Commonly asked questions related to PPC services

The revolution in the digital marketing world provides a number of channels like social media, different search engines or retargeting using which one can customize the audience type to target the right type of audience which would be interested in the products or services offered by you.

As soon as the keywords for the product are entered in the search engine your product ad would start showing up.

• Using PPC services, we provide you with the opportunity to stay on top of the search engine result page. Appearing right at the top will helps in getting the attention of the audiences. Another important highlight of PPC services is that you pay only for the number of clicks on your ads.

As soon as the keywords for the product are entered in the search engine your product ad would start showing up.

Yes, packages can be customised according to the needs of customers. You can get in touch to know more about customisation process.

Different search engines, social media accounts, mobile ads, Google shopping are some of the options where one can display their ads.

Some reasons due to which you are unable to view your ads include
a. Low budgets which restricts daily search volume to stay within the ad budget.
b. Low keyword ranking can also lead to limited display of your ads.
c. If the ad display is set on off display on certain time or day , you won’t be able to view your ad for that period.

The competitors’ ads you see are usually remarketing ads. This is done by setting cookies for users when they visit your ads. In this way it is easier to target those audiences who browse other websites across Google’s display network.

Increase in the demand for ad space, leads to aggressive competition to stay at the top in the search results. Thus leads to increased in cast-per- click. Another important factor for increase in cost includes a decline in the quality score.

You should definitely bid on your brand as this would help you take up your brand name and ensure audiences to find you above your competitors.

Services offered by us include digital marketing services, web and design development, mobile app development, SEO,SMO and PPC services to name a few.