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King of digital marketing, offers you social media marketing services in Delhi, India which will help you boost your sales and create a brand awareness on the social media platform. The perfect combination of technology, networking and interaction, using words, pictures, videos to promote one's business on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is known as social media marketing. Here We are focusing on bringing a one-stop platform for all your social media marketing needs. Social Media Marketing, Content Development for Social Websites, Lead Generation and various Social Media Campaigns, Digital Ad Sales, Influencer Marketing etc. Social Media Marketing is always fruitful for your business when you desire to engage with new customers domestically and globally. Promotion with a tailor made strategies on social media channels, Businesses turn into brands, your potential customers becomes advocate of your brand on social websites, who will promote your brand.

King of Digital Marketing offers a variety of digital marketing services to its customers, which also includes social media marketing. Through the social media marketing service, our company helps different brands or companies to promote themselves, create credibility, awareness and popularity on different networking sites. Personalised service is provided to our customers and content is prepared keeping in mind the demands of the customers and effort is made to create content which attracts users. The way people connect, communicate and share information has changed drastically after the boom in social media platforms. So it is very important to keep pace with the advent of the digital world and promote business strategies with the help of social marketing services.

Why should you choose us?

Creating awareness about a brand or company is the main aim of social marketing services and, we at King of digital marketing, design content which will help in target potential customers and also convey the brand's message effectively. The company also aims at providing great customer service with cost effective rates. The target is to provide customers Social media marketing services with following points keeping in mind

  • Social media consultation
  • Cost effective rates
  • Brand Management and maximize brand awareness
  • Increase the earning potential
  • Social media monitoring
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Why is social media marketing important?

    Today almost everyone is connected to one another with at different social media platforms especially Facebook. The main objective of social media marketing is to create content which would attract consumers at the social media platform and help boost and promote the client's business.

    social media marketing company in delhi

    We've generated Over 85,300 Social Media Leads for Clients

    How engaging on social media platforms help in promoting businesses?

    A platform where one can engage different types of consumers with the help of social media marketing, which includes sharing of information about a product with pictures , videos or content displayed in a strategic manner. Not only the consumers get aware of a particular brand through these social media marketing but it also helps in increasing the company's sales and also increase the website traffic.

    Recent Works for Social Media Marketing Services

    Here is few recent works of social media marketing. Making social media content available on various search engines and creating social media content which would keep people engaged helps in promoting different businesses. Creating content which would keep the consumers engaged and help in increasing consumers is very important.

    Strategy, Creativity & Results!

    Platforms We Use for Social Media Growth


    Facebook Marketing

    Facebook Marketing is a part of social media marketing. Facebook marketing is referred to creating and actively using facebook page as a means of communication channel to maintain contact with and attract customers. As by doing a Facebook marketing business tend to reach a large number of audiences in a very short span of time and in a cost-efficient way. Facebook pages are linked to company web pages elsewhere on the internet. The most important aspect of Facebook marketing is consistency in communication, creating a Facebook page and then learning it alone will get a business nothing. You consistently need to work on it.

    Social Media

    Instagram Marketing

    Instagram marketing is the new way of branding. Connect with targeted audiences and market their offering. In recent years, it has gained popularity as an exciting method for brands to market their cultures, recruit new employees, engage with customers and show off products in a new light. A strong strategy for social media promotion is of utmost importance because each platform offers different opportunities and nuances, and we can't assume that the strategy which works on one will bring you success on another also. On Instagram, each post needs to contain a unique combination of eye-catching photo or video, with a compelling caption and relevant hashtags to help users discover your brand.

    Static Website Design

    LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn marketing, LinkedIn is not just a job search site. It helps you in marketing you can engage a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business. You can establish your brand page on LinkedIn to reach audience and convey your message. From making connections to generating leads, establishing partnerships and creating better brand awareness. LinkedIn will make an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy. On LinkedIn one can find highly targeted customers and connections for their business and can successfully generates leads on LinkedIn. Try to convey your message with good content as it can be highly targeted and should accomplish two goals.

    Twitter Marketing

    Twitter is a powerful tool for companies of every size and structure to reach new customers. You can market your business on Twitter by using your abilities. It is the best place to reach customers and promote your brand you can also connect with other companies. Twitter serves as a solid foundation for your business to branch into other social sites. It considers a great platform to showcase what your company is doing and reach a large audience, where your tweets can promote products and events. If you want to be successful in your business then stay connected with your followers. Tweet every day for followers. Get best Twitter Marketing Services at affordable packages.

    Mobile APP

    Snapchat Marketing

    Snapchat plays an important role to promote any brand or business. Earlier it was used by teenagers and later it started to hit young adult generation. You can use snapchat to deliver coupons and offers of your brands within a few seconds. You can create videos for your viewers and can launch your new products. In that way, you can provide special content to your followers which they will not receive in any other social media platforms. It is very handy for launching and introducing new products and fashion brands. Snapchat can help you to increase your brand awareness.

    Custom Web Development

    Tiktok Marketing

    Tiktok is a social media app where you can create, view and share videos. It is the most favorite app for all over the world and its popularity has been increasing day by day. In October 2018, it was one of the most downloaded app. It is an idle platform to promote your business or product by creating short videos. Many celebrities are also using it to promote their films. You can find many influencers on Tiktok, who can market your services. This is a very powerful app through which you can become famous all over the world and as well as get leads for your businesses.

    Social Media Marketing Packages

      Basic Package - INR 14999/M

    • 4 Social Media Platforms
    • No. of Social Media Posts - 25
    • Free FB/Instagram Ad Credit - 1500
    • Comprehensive Social Media Calendar
    • Performance Report with Analytics
    • Finding New Targeted Followers

      Standard Package - INR 24999/M

    • 5 Social Media Platforms
    • No. of Social Media Posts - 50
    • Free FB/Instagram Ad Credit - 2500
    • Comprehensive Social Media Calendar
    • Performance Report with Analytics
    • Finding New Targeted Followers

      Professional Plan - INR 34999/M

    • 6 Social Media Platforms
    • No. of Social Media Posts - 75
    • Free FB/Instagram Ad Credit - 3500
    • Comprehensive Social Media Calendar
    • Performance Report with Analytics
    • Finding New Targeted Followers

    How to choose the best social media platform?

    At King of Digital Marketing, we not only help our customers with the designing of the content but also provide support with which social media platform should be used for their products to help them maximize their sales and productivity. Posting content at regular intervals of products with attractive contents will help in procuring more customers and help in increasing the credibility of the product or company.

    Does the company provide with tracking the success rate?

    Yes, the company offers tools which would help in maintaining a track of the social media performance of it�s products and find solutions or strategies to boost up its marketing services.

    Is it necessary to use all social media platforms to promote a brand or business?

    No, one does not require to use all the social media platforms to promote themselves. King of Digital Marketing, helps it�s customers choose the best mix of social media platforms to promote themselves. The type of product, the section of consumers to be targeted and the budget all play an important role while selecting the right type of social media platform. The social media marketing team at King of digital marketing, aims at preparing social content as per individual customer requirement, making customer satisfaction a priority and promising full customer support.

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