ORM Training

ORM Training in Delhi

ORM also know as Online Reputation Management refers to manage and maintain the reputation of a business company or a person, in the advance and digital world of marketing i.e. Internet Marketing.

Operational Risk Management

The demands on employees are great and, in many cases, the requirements are not accurately communicated to upper management. As a result of recent major airline disasters, passengers and regulators both demand an increased level of safety but are unwilling to accept the price of safety. This is further emphasized in recent legislative requirements for airlines to implement a systematic approach to safety management

The concept of reputation building was basically a public relation term, but with advancement and popularity of internet and social media, the meaning of the term shifted its focus towards social media and search results on a brand or individual.

Basics of Online Reputation Management
Introduction to Social Media
Online Monitoring/Brand Monitoring
How to analysis clients business
Engaging with Customers
Reputation Defending Techniques
Building Positive Links