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PPC Company in Gurgaon

PPC Company in Gurgaon – King of Digital Marketing is most demanding PPC Agency in Gurgaon for it efficiency and optimization techniques. We are such PPC company which uses your same amount as you were using earlier for PPC Campaign. Difference is that we give you 30% more leads and conversion in comparison of previous conversion.

Why PPC Advertisement?

PPC campaigns are beneficial for the business owners who are looking to spend budget on the promotional ad campaign and get instant leads and conversion. PPC is a type of internet advertising which use various search engines and platforms to promote a brand to a targeted audience by location, gender and age with features of scheduling time to display advertisements in Google.
Many PPC agencies in India are offering PPC ads campaign nowadays. However due to lack of proper experience of Google Adwords or any Paid Campaign. Maximum PPC companies in Delhi are not much successful as King of Digital Marketing in prospects of getting maximum conversion. King of Digital Marketing PPC experts know how to improve quality score of PPC campaign. A digital marketing company in Delhi, who also functions as a best SEO Company in Delhi has the crucial task of creating a very stable and strong PPC marketing campaign for their client in this highly competitive market.

PPC COmpany in Gurgaon

What makes King of Digital Marketing unique for Pay Per Click Services

Here King of Digital Marketing is emerging as the best PPC Company in Delhi & Gurgaon. We do well research before starting any PPC campaign services so that the client can get increased ROI. As a leading PPC agency in Gurgaon we specialize in two types of PPC management services – one type is the Google Ads ad and another is Facebook ads. Facebook has gives you more engaged and related set of audience and the PPC ads in Facebook can be created to suit a specified demography age gender etc. Google PPC ads appear in the search pages and you have seen them also in huge platforms like Google AdSense and AdWords.
King of Digital Marketing being a leading PPC company in Gurgaon specializes in both types of PPC ads. We create a robust marketing strategy to increase your brand revelation. King of Digital Marketing involves in research and develops PPC techniques by extensively studying the targeted group of consumers and their demands. This is what makes us different from other PPC agencies in Gurgaon.<

Result oriented PPC Company in Gurgaon specialized in providing you the custom solution specific to your business problem.

  • We have advance team of PPC which is having result oriented goals as primary work
  • We have specialist team for Lead Generation
  • All under one roof we provide PPC, SMO, SEO Content Writing and web design services
  • We are awarded Digital Marketing Company by 10seos

  • What are our Features? Why should you Hire Us?

    1. Transparency in Ad Payment Method:

    A transparent method in transaction of amount is a big deal with client. Whatever amount you are taking from client, are you spending the exact amount of that? Yes we do! Working with transparency in amount helps to gain trust and long term relation between client and advertising Company which leads to customer satisfaction.

    2. Innovative in PPC Service:

    We are well known with it that Digital Marketing changes its techniques each moment. Same way PPC services techniques changes its algorithm and process with every day. New techniques require you to be updated with innovation. Being the best PPC agency in Delhi & Gurgaon, We are innovative PPC agency with latest techniques.

    3. Maximum ROI in Same Budget:

    We are expert of PPC in India, we have experience to optimize your PPC campaign so that quality score gets improved and you need to invest less for top ranking result always. Usage of the best & intelligent PPC specialist results in the form of good CTR, less bounce rate, maximum conversion and ROI.

    Get 10x More Leads, at The Same Budget You Spent Before, Call: +919555696058

    What We Offer in PPC Services

    Search Network Advertising Services

    Search Network Advertising

    Search Network Advertising is a cost-effective Digital marketing strategy PPC through which you can drive targeted traffic to your website. We’ll increase your sales through a strategic paid search Network Advertising. You can reach people in targeted area or focus your paid Search ads on cities, countries and area with certain distance from your business. Ad is shown when user searches your keyqords and amount is deducted when they click on it. Read More

    Display Network Advertising Services

    Display Network Advertising

    Google Display Network Advertising help you to grow your business by increasing your reach to millions of people while they are browsing their favorite websites, checking G-mails account, watching you tube videos, using apps and mobile devices. Google Display Network Advertising provides you great opportunity to introduce your brand to people without waiting for users to come and find you. It is shown over over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps. Read More

    Facebook Marketing Services

    Facebook Marketing Services

    It helps you in advertising of your business in FB that leads to growth and development of your products and services as we know that we are surviving in digital dominated where millions of people are Facebook users. Facebook are low-cost to run and most important thing is target the audience you want to reach. Here are many targeting features, We can target customers by their interest, their behaviour etc. There are many type of Facebook Advertisement - Traffic, Reach, Leads, Installs, Conversion. Read More

    Remarketing Services

    Remarketing Services

    With the help of Remarketing services you can target those people who have already visited to your website and gone through your Facebook pages. We set-up ad retargeting campaign across various ad platform to help client drive branding, leads and sales. Remarketing services in PPC is best way to connect with people who once made interest to do some activities on your website and left that. You can target those potential customers and force them to buy products or avail services. Read More

    Landing Page Design Services

    Landing Page Design

    Landing pages is most important part of PPC services. You must have landing page to show your company details, services or product detail, enquiry form and contact detail. Fast loading and responsive is the main feature of landing page design. We have different packages for Landing Page Design Services, it helps to convert website traffic into guaranteed conversion. We provide awesome landing pages designing services which yield fantastic result. Read More

    App Promotion Services

    App Promotion Services

    We specialize in app promotion services and serve for app development companies and help them to increase no. of download of their apps. We create many more creative ways to promote your apps globally. We work on CPI - Cost Per Install. We charge for each successful install of your App. We gives you installs from any specific geo locations too, so that you can get more advantages of downloads. Read More

    Digital Marketing Service Process

    digital marketing services company in Nehru Place

    PPC 1st Stage Process

    • Product Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Competetitor's Ad Analysis
    • Selecting Relevant Keywords
    • Create Campaign
    • Result Monitoring

    PPC 2nd Stage Process

    • Create Relevant Ad Copies
    • Create Bid Strategy
    • Target Audience
    • Choose Effective Landing Page
    • Call to Action in Landing Page
    • Add All Required Extension

    PPC 3rd Stage Process

    • Compare Ad Copies Performance
    • Optimize Bit By Bit
    • Check and Analyze Performance
    • Campaign Structing
    • Make Changes in Keywords
    • Change Bids Time to Time

    Frequently Asked Questions on PPC Packages

    Note: Clear your all doubts before buying any PPC package or plans.

    Ans.PPC Package helps you to run your campaign by a PPC expert of any organization. PPC Expert gives you expected planning for cost, clicks and expected conversion and ROI of your campaign.

    Ans.It totally depends on your business objectives. The more you spend the more you get leads/sales. You need to pay a fixed % of amount to PPC agency as well as daily budget of campaign.
    Ans.Daily budget is an amount you invest for each ad campaign in a single day. You can invest according to your goals. Starting from INR 100 to unlimited amount, you can invest for daily budget.
    Ans.This is called CPC (Cost Per Click). This is the cost you pay for per clicks on your ad showing in various platforms. It can be reduced if your campaign is in PPC expert hand.
    Ans.Here are the component of PPC ad.
    Heading. Just like a newspaper, your ad needs a short, attention-grabbing headline.
    Display URL. This is the link that is displayed with the ad and clues customers in on the company that’s hosting the ad.
    Destination URL. This is the link that customers will go to if they click on the ad.
    Description. You’ll need to describe your product or service in a few words to entice customers to click on your ad.
    AnsAns. Try Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool or check out the list of keyword tools.
    Ans. In Package table, our pricing is given for three types of packages. You need to pay separately for daily budget of campaign.
    Ans. It’s scalable, measureable, flexible, faster than SEO, easier than SEO, taking over the SERPs, engaging, converts and most important that your competitors are doing it

    SEO, PPC & SMO Basic Packages

    Making Quality SEO Social Media and PPC Services Accessible to All Budget

    We provide multiple digital marketing packages catering to the needs of small, medium or enterprise level web seo projects.

    Basic SEO PackageUpto 10 Keywords

    • Critical Website Analysis
    • Back Link Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis (2)
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Duplicate Content Check
    • Google Penalty Check
    • Meta Tag, Header Tag, ALT, Title Tag Optimization
    • Robots.txt Creation & Analysis
    • XML Sitemap Creation & Analysis
    • SEO Friendly URLs (URL Rewriting)
    • Google Analytics Report
    • Google Web Master Report
    • Offpage SEO
    • Monthly Report

    Basic SMO Package20 Posts/m

    • Fan Page Creation
    • Facebook Page Design
    • Twitter Page Design
    • Google Plus Page Design
    • LinkedIn Page Design
    • Google Business Page Verify
    • 1000 Likes Followers/M
    • 20 Posts/M
    • Work on Max. Reach of Posts
    • Monthly Reporting

    Basic PPC PackageUnlimites Text Ad, 1 Banner

    • Unlimited Text Ads
    • Google Adwords Campaign
    • Facebook Advert
    • Instagram Advertising
    • Keyword Research for PPC
    • Landing Page Selection
    • Keyword Bid Optimization/li>
    • Google Analytics Setup for E-Commerce
    • Quality Score Improvement
    • Weekly Reporting

    Basic ComboSEO SMO PPC

    • SEO for 5 - 10 Keywords
    • Social Media Fan Page Creation
    • PPC 1 Campaign Setup
    • Google Analytics & Webmaster
    • Duplicate Content Check
    • SMO 10 Posts/M
    • Meta Tag, Header Tag, ALT, Title Tag Optimization (150 pages)
    • Robots.txt Creation & Analysis
    • XML Sitemap Creation & Analysis
    • SEO Friendly URLs (URL Rewriting)

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